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Aint No Sunshine by Taufik Batisah

Friday, September 02, 2005

Hi!!! surprised?! =x

so many happy things happened today!!


first was e morning digest.. which was e only one i really paid attention to.. =d pay attention how much ah? i paid a priceless sum of money la.. see!! u muz be honored!!! heeheee

okok.. shant talk bout school la.. shall talk bout wad happened after school!!!

it was a long and enjoyable bus trip in bus 14.. the journey was filled with happiness and joy.. when suddenly, we realised tt we were at some weird place.. it was a place which we were not familiar with.. we looked and looked.. finally, we alighted bus 14 and set foot on an unfamiliar territory.. from there we hailed a cab and finally arrived at our destination, "HEEREN".. we then started our mission.. =x

hehe.. i shall not spill out the details from here.. cos too many la.. =

anyway!! i really enjoyed myself today!! did you? whahaha.. but still, IMUC!!! hehehehe..

p.s. i didnt wanted to blog actually noe.. but cos of someone special, i decided to.. =d lol

[[me]]|Sad @ 8:00 PM|

Monday, July 25, 2005

ok!! hehe.. i blog now!! not lazy alrea..

wahaha.. today, i shall be frank(it means honest).. yep! frank.. not thomas.. eh? why did i link "frank" wif "thomas"? hmm.. mebbe cos it rhymes wif "honest". aiyah, i dunno la.. heh. well, i am not LAME!! ya.. i'm not actually.. i juz talk bout stuffs tt are too complicated for most ppl t understand.. hehe. only those ppl hu are smart wont find me lame.. u noe hu u are.. =)

oh ya.. u noe hor, cookie is nice and sweet.. urr. juz a random tot which my hands juz typed out.. niway, today has been alright.. i didnt take pe.. but i regretted lo! cos today, they played soccer.. and i could only sit at the side n watch.. felt so helpless. if only i didnt excuse myself..

err.. wad else happened? hmmm.. oh!! i went hw time today!! lol. no wonder it rained.. =x

ok.. the rain is gone.. cos hw time is over alrea mah.. hehehe. cool rite?

okok. the post ends here.. cos dunno wad to write alrea.. or isit cos of plain laziness? hee.. let u decide..

[[me]]|Sad @ 7:26 PM|

Monday, July 04, 2005

hello new skin!! pleased to meet you.. =x

oh no!! chinese o level oral is on wed!! uh oh.. so fast.. heh.

and thurs, fri, sat is motivational camp!! =( saddenin.. esp when friday is.. FRIDAY!! wahaha..

nvm nvm.. at least there's tmrw to look forward to.. cos tmrw is pe day!! heehee.. gonna continue muggin later alrea.. see!! i'm so guai.. =x

p.s. today's post is ultra crappy..

[[me]]|Sad @ 6:23 PM|

Thursday, June 23, 2005

u noe wad? i decided to blog today cos it's a happy day man.. heh.

went to boot camp in the mornin.. but u noe wad was in my mind?? my mind was on wad is gonna happen later in e day.. =x niway, someone look real great today.. SERIOUS!! wahaha. hope i didnt do neting wrong juz now.. hee. did i?

well, now is night time.. and i dunno wad to do.. pfft. should i study for tmrw's test? hmm.. mayb i should.. cos i sort of promised to study juz now alrea..

geez.. my blog lyk so crappy liddat..

[[me]]|Sad @ 7:25 PM|

Saturday, June 11, 2005

well.. inside the well got water.. wahaha.

ok fine.. dis is gonna be a longer post..

here goes..

went to meet azhar to slack.. alex supposed to go!! but he went "tuition". (dota tuition..) lolx. den went to play lan at "asteriods".. play awhile, azhar wan to go meet someone.. hehe. play for only 25mins lo!! sad sia.. den when we wan to go e counter to pay.. i so embarrased noe!! only haf to pay 80cents. heh. waste my time!! hehe (i wrote till here when i said i dunno wad to write)

okok. hmm..nothing to write alrea.. quite long hor? =X

fine.. i shall post dis..

[[me]]|Sad @ 10:21 PM|

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

hello!! haiz.. i feel so lazy to blog.. hehe.

nvm. muz discipline myself to be more disciplined!!

here goes...

hmm.. nothing much actually happened today.. well, there was chemistry prac.. which means, i got to c mrs tay!! yay! heh. oh ya! my hair almost got burnt by the bunsen flame!! and its e non-luminous kind!! SCARY!! heh.

pfft! nothing much to write alrea.. keep it short oso better la..
lyk wad mrs tay always say: "LESS is BEST"

[[me]]|Sad @ 8:52 PM|

Thursday, June 02, 2005

hehe.. ouch! =x

i'm in so much pain now!! my rib ache, my neck cramp, my toes lyk fracture abit, my stomach cramp, my shin got swell, my face got swell, my eye there got a lil blueblack.. wahaha. and my heart ache.. i tink. heh.

all e physical injuries is cos of... dun wanna say!! wahaha. but i tink all dis is worth it if i can master tt trick.. hehe. alex lyk almost to perfection alrea sia.. den azhar, no need to say la.. perfected it alrea!! lolx. nvm.. to persevere and succeed!! hehe

ouch! lolx

[[me]]|Sad @ 7:32 PM|